Research Topics

Two-phase Flow and Heat Transfer
- Phase separation characteristics for uniform distribution in compact heat exchangers
- Boiling and condensation characteristics in small-size channels
- Flow boiling and condensation for alternative refrigerants
- Effect of surface wettability on behavior of two-phase flow in mini-channels
- Behavior of two-phase flow in a mini-channel with a porous wall for PEMFC
- Measurement and visualization techniques for micro-fluidics
- Bubble nucleation characteristics in micro-channels
- Flow instabilities related to two-phase circulation loops
- Droplet formation at micro T-junction and mini-scale Y-junction
- Two-phase plug flow distribution at meso-scale T-junction
- Optimum design of two-phase flow distribution for VRF system


Liquid Spray and Atomization
- Spray-wall interaction of neutral and electrically charged droplet
- Atomization of liquid fuels for SOFC reformer
- Spray-porous wall interaction for fire suppression
- Electrostatic spraying using non-conductive liquids
- Measurement techniques for size of small droplets using image processing algorithms
- Examination of atomization characteristics using various type spraying systems
- Atomization characteristics of non-Newtonian liquid
- Droplet/wall interaction phenomena
- Spray cooling




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