Multiphae Flow (I), MAE514


Spring 2014                                                    Multiphase Flow (I)                               Mon., Wed. 10:30-12:00

MAE514                                                                                                                               (Lecture Rm. 2108)



This course deals with various aspects of flow and heat transfer phenomena in multiphase systems, mostly focused on the gas-liquid flow. Basic flow patterns and their background physics will be studied. Also, the conservation equations, analytical models and the experimental results are going to be introduced. As well as the adiabatic cases, the details on the boiling and the condensation phenomena will be discussed. Besides, recent progress in the multiphase flow research will be introduced. The students taking this course are assumed to have taken the elementary courses on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, and are required to participate in the class discussions actively. The course will be taught in English.



Instructor: Prof. Sang Yong Lee (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Rm. 5104, Ext. 3026)


Text        : - Lecture note will be provided.


                  - Thome, J. R., “Engineering Data Book III,” Wolverine Inc., 2001-2010.



References: - Ghiaasiaan, S. M., “Two-Phase flow, Boiling, and Condensation,” Cambridge, 2008.

   - Carey, V. P., “Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena,” 2nd Ed., Taylor & Francis, 2008.

   - 李相龍, 秉宙, 金武煥, “二相流動 熱傳達,” 大英社, 1993.


Contents:   Part I: Two-Phase Flow Hydrodynamics

Introduction (Background, Flow Patterns), Basic Analytical Models (Homogeneous Flow Model, Separated Flow Model, Drift-Flux Model), Flow Pattern Models (Separated Flows, Dispersed Flows, Intermittent Flows)

                    Part II: Phase-Change Heat Transfer

Phase Change Fundamentals (Thermodynamics, Homogeneous Nucleation, Heterogeneous Nucleation), Boiling Heat Transfer (Natural/Forced Convective Boiling, Critical Heat Flux), Condensation Heat Transfer (External Condensation, In-tube Condensation)


Teaching Assistant: Joohan Bae, Seok Kim (Rm. 3119, Ext. 3066)

Evaluation: Mid-term Exam. [4/21 (40%)], Final Exam. [6/16 (40%)], Homeworks (20%)







MAE514 Course Schedule (Spring 2014)







                                                       Part I: Two-phase Flow Hydrodynamics


Weeks 1 – 4                                 Background/Notations

(3/3 – 3/28)                                  Flow Patterns/Flow Pattern Maps

                                                     Basic Analytical Models:

                                                              Homogeneous Flow Model

                                                              Separated Flow Model

                                                              Drift-flux Model


Weeks 5 – 8                                 Flow Pattern Models

(3/31 – 4/25)                                         Separated Flows (Annular/Stratified Flows)

                                                              Dispersed Flows (Bubbly/Drop Flows)

                                                              Intermittent Flows (Slug Flow)


4/21 (Mon.)                                 Mid-Term Exam. (10:30 – 12:30)



                                                       Part II: Phase-Change Heat Transfer


Weeks 9 – 12                               Thermodynamics, Boiling/Condensation Nucleation

(4/28 – 5/23)                                 Pool Boiling

                                                      Flow Boiling

                                                              Boiling Maps

                                                              Subcooled Flow Boiling

                                                              Saturated Flow Boiling

                                                              Critical Heat Flux


Weeks 13 – 16                             External Condensation

(5/26 – 6/20)                                         Nusselt Approach


                                                     In-tube Condensation

                                                     Other Cases in Condensation


6/16 (Mon.)                                 Final Exam. (10:30 – 12:30)







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