Professor Sang Yong Lee offered a lecture course at Tokyo Institute of Technology

(01 Jul. 2013 ~ 31 Aug. 2013)




  From July 1st to Aug. 31, 2013, Professor Sang Yong Lee offered a lecture course for graduate students at Tokyo Institute of Technology as a visiting professor. The course title was “Multiphase Flow,” which includes subjects on two-phase flow hydrodynamics and phase-change heat transfer. During the period, Professor Lee was also invited for presentations at Kyushu University (Fukuoka) and Keio University (Yokohama) on August 2nd and August 26th, respectively. The presentation at Kyushu University was made for Heat Transfer Society of Japan, Kyushu Branch, and the title of the talk was “A Report on Collision of a Water Droplet against Heated Porous Surfaces.” Another presentation at Keio University was for the 3rd Colloquium of GESL(Global Environmental System Leaders) Program, which was held at Yagami Campus of Keio University, and the title of the talk was “Quick Estimation of Frost Formation Using the Thermal Network Analysis Technique.”



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